Mad People!!


YES!!!:people making crazzzzzy faces, looking truly insane, feeling insane, actually insane people.

NOT: freaks and misfits (only if they look insane as well as freaky). Not people pretending to be insane, dressed freaky or with freaky make up unless they really look like they may be crazy The focus should be on the emotional feeling of insanity, not just on it’s indicators. So if someone is holding a bloody knife that’s not enough, their expression or the emotional feel of the photo has to feel crazzzzy. NO BONDAGE, no sadomasochism. Number of peircings/tattoos does not count towards insanity. 🙂 I will occasionally come in and take off phtos that dont meet these qualifications.

nothing mean please, post with compassion.

Letters from mad people #1 – 24/01/02

Out of everyone who logged into Grapefruitopia over the last two weeks i must be the dense one.

You are all familiar of the home page it where it reads ‘Whatever you do don’t click here
Well i clicked there – naturally

Well, the screen went red ‘Oops, told you not to click there : )’ So I opted to scarper speedy like so as not to get nabbed, switched the computer off and started again. My computer was fine or so it seemed.
Thursday – nothing
Friday – nothing

Monday finds myself and a colleague looking around at some notes and as she went to quit out of my machine the damn message sprung up again. She insisted on phoning the boss from below stair.
I was frantically pressing f4 whenever she turned away to no avail.
The boss was quick to deem a virus
‘These people are very clever and I think soon it will get to the stage when we wont be able to log on to many websites’
I was saying weakly ‘I just don’t think its a virus’
Received a look which reads ‘take off the rose tinted specs’
Then the boss calls IT, as she exits I make a swift call to [name removed] to explain said problem.

The problem is sorted but it means that the IT people need to know what website it was and so yes they saw the picturesand am I embarrassed? fuck yes.



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