Mad Cows

Digging Our Graves With Spoons


The Korean protest against US beef imports has intensified.

With mounting concerns over mad cow disease, the fine people of Korea have rejected the government’s agreement with the US to reintroduce US beef into Korea.

A symbolic “shove it,” resonated from the crowd of recent protesters numbering 50,000+ despite government assurances that the US product is safe for consumption. Maybe they heard that George Bush wants to halt testing for mad cow disease.

It’s officially on: a boycott of a choice product from the world’s shining city on the hill, America.

Let Them Eat… Mad Cow 

Koreans are justified in their concern over US beef safety. Just last February, a secret video was released showing downer cows being led to slaughter, possibly before being shipped to market. Downer cows are diseased cows.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has concerns that the US government doesn’t follow WHO guidelines for beef safety. WHO guidelines include: stop weaning calves on cow’s blood, stop feeding infected animals to other animals, stop feeding bovine brains, eyes, spinal cords, and intestines to people or livestock.

(In this age of enlightened modernity and technological development you gotta remind someone not to give a suckling cow blood in place of or in addition to momma’s milk?).

Currently, in Michigan and Ohio there is a beef recall due to E. coli contamination. Haven’t heard? The illness of only 40 people may not be enough to grab headlines.

Also, there is growing concern of the possible link between mad cow disease and dementia in America.

However, Korean’s in support of governmental abuse (KISOGA*) are protesting that the US beef protesters are “scaring the children.” Never mind a still developing child eating a posibly contaminated beef product. A true scoundrel finds his last refuge behind the back of a child.

In 2006, Japan put US beef producers on notice after finding a spinal column in a beef shipment. And since 1997, the EU won’t allow US’ chlorine-dipped chickens into the Union. Now Koreans don’t want our beef. Doth they protest too much or do Americans protest not so much?


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