MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE gangs turning young teenage white girls into serial rape victims

“He was like my owner and I was like his dog,” says 13-year-old victim of Muslim rape gangs. From London to Minneapolis, and every other country in which Muslim immigrants are a fact of life, gang rape rates as well as child sex and prostitution rings are increasing at alarming rates.

LIVE LEAK The safety, health and happiness of our women and girls is continually being sacrificed while politicians continue to overtly pander to muslims. Dawn raids across Manchester as police move in on gang who groomed under-age girls at drug-fuelled sex parties. Dozens of vulnerable teenage girls may have been rescued from the clutches of Muslim paedophiles after a major police operation smashed a Muslim child sex gang.

The victims were showered with gifts and then plied with drink and drugs before being taken to special ‘sex parties’ in Manchester and Salford. At the parties the teenage girls – some as young as 14 – would be compelled to have sex with friends of the gang in what police say was a classic case of ‘Muslim sexual grooming and entrapment.’

They are the latest in a wave of arrests carried out by police investigating gangs of Muslim men grooming underage white girls for sex. It is understood the girls – all aged around 14 and upwards – would be taken to the ‘sex parties’ at flats and houses, where they would be ‘handed out’ to other Muslim men.

In January a gang of eight Muslim men from Rochdale were arrested and accused of targeting more than a dozen underage white girls with drink and drugs before turning them into sex slaves. They were charged of a variety of offences relating to sexual activity with girls under 16, rape, child prostitution and child trafficking.

Figures show there have been 18 Muslim sex gang prosecutions since 1997 – 15 in the last three years – involving girls aged 11-16.


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