How to search for a dog image on Google search

When searching for pictures of dogs online the best place to head would be to google search, the easiest way and most time beneficent way to search for ie. images of puppies , images of dogs, image dog is to actually type these keywords into to google search images.

I really like looking for keywords like images of puppies and pictures of dogs or images of dogs other keywords you may need to head on to Google .com then you need to go to the image tab, once you are their  you can once again use any of the keywords below, to start0 refining your search.

The nice thing about Google images is that its is easy to refine your search , once you have established a single dog image, you can find dogs pictures by dragging and dropping the selected image into the Google search box, this will intern bring up many more pictures, many dog images with similar,look feel and size.

once again you can take your refined image and drag and drop  it a second time in the search box, remember you need to be in the images search tab on Google for this to work.

Here are some more cool keyword to help refine your dog image search

pictures dogs
dog images
dog images and pictures
pictures of dogs
images dog
images of a dog
images of dog
images of dogs
image dog
dog image
image of dog
image of chihuahua
image of poodle
images of puppies
images dog
images of a dog
images of dog
image of poodle
image of chihuahua


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