Mad Piercings


Were earrings worn by both male and females?

Why did these ancient people wear gold bulls as adornments? Many archeologists and

 anthropologists are always seeking answers for questions such as this. In Alaska the Tlingits would get a piercing to show their ranks in society. What kind of family you were born into ranks you. If you had rich

 parents you would have a higher rank, you would have a lower rank if at all any rank for a poor family. Even thought a person could not make his rank better, he could raise his children, and the children in his family in the future. All he had to do was host a potlaching. A potlaching is a community feast. During a potlaching a person would pay another person to pierce their child’s ear rims.

The latest cultive piercing trend in some American cities is to stretch the earlobes in order so they can accommodate ear-spools and earplugs. 


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